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Area of expertise is Osteoporosis

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Sorted by City


  1. John T. Johnston, MD - (423) 553-1222
    Chattanooga, Tennessee - Chattanooga Imaging

  2. Steven D. Quarfordt, MD - (423) 778-7234
    Chattanooga, Tennessee - Tennessee Interventional Associates

  3. Germantown

  4. David P. Fang, MD - (901) 683-1890
    Germantown, Tennessee - Memphis Vascular Center

  5. Jon A. Roberts, MD - (901) 683-1890
    Germantown, Tennessee - Memphis Vascular Center

  6. Jackson

  7. John Driver Crocker, MD - (731) 541-8854
    Jackson, Tennessee - Jackson Radiology Associates

  8. Matthew T. Graham, MD - (731) 541-7850
    Jackson, Tennessee - JACKSON GENERAL HOSPITAL

  9. Knoxville

  10. Peter Kvamme, MD - (865) 300-1563
    Knoxville, Tennessee - Univ of Tenn Medical Center

  11. Memphis

  12. James Boals, MD - (901) 685-2696
    Memphis, Tennessee - Memphis Vascular Center / Memphis Radiological, PC

  13. Robert E. Gold, MD - (901) 448-4454
    Memphis, Tennessee - University of Tennessee Memphis

  14. Nashville

  15. Daniel B. Brown, MD, FSIR - (615) 322-3906
    Nashville, Tennessee - Vanderbilt University Medical Center

  16. John J. Connors, MD, FSIR - (615) 322-3357
    Nashville, Tennessee - Vanderbilt University Medical Center

  17. Keith R. Parker, MD - (615) 312-0600
    Nashville, Tennessee - Radiology Alliance

SIR is the premier professional society for interventional radiologists-highly trained, board-certified doctors who provide minimally invasive, targeted treatments using imaging for guidance. Following four years of medical school and a year of internship, interventional radiologists then spend four years studying radiology and another year in an interventional radiology fellowship training program focused on minimally invasive, targeted treatments performed using imaging for guidance and patient care. This specialty training is recognized by the Certificate of Added Qualifications in Vascular and Interventional Radiology, which is awarded by the American Board of Radiology on completion of an oral examination.